Skare Food A/S

SKARE FOOD A/S has been part of the Skare Group since 2001. We are located in Christiansfeld®, in the southern part of Denmark.

At SKARE FOOD we are a team of 120 employees, top motivated, working with skilled workmanship in combination with a modern, high technology, production system. At SKARE FOOD we have full traceability of all the raw materials and ingredients.

SKARE FOOD A/S has the following certificates:
FSSC 2000, IFS, HAACP programme and Elite Smiley.

SKARE FOOD A/S increasingly produces quality charcuterie from organic meat breeding to the retail and the foodservice market. 

In accordance with the best food making traditions, we process the raw material from exquisite meat cuts into a wide range of different high quality organic charcuterie, -toppings and -salami products.
In our range of organic food you find pork loin, pork belly, salami and chicken. We continuously expand our range.


Skare Food A/S
Kongensgade 47
6070  Christiansfeld

T:  (+45) 74 56 11 18